How do I know if an item requires a CN label?

  • A CN label is a voluntary label that food manufacturers can use to indicate how their product contributes to the meal pattern requirements of the USDA Child Nutrition Programs.  CN labels are only available for main dish entrées that contain meat or meat alternates, and may also show the contribution of grains and vegetables. You can find CN labels on the product’s package or contact the manufacturer for a Product Formulation Statement (PFS). A CN label must be on file for all processed meats/meat alternates and commercially prepared combination food items to credit them to the meal pattern. If you cannot find a CN labeled product, you can use the Food Buying Guide (FBG) to determine the crediting information.  For more information, you can visit the CN Labeling Program website or the National CACFP Sponsors Association website

Why should I participate in Food For Kids?

  • Food For Kids is a sponsor of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) which is a federally funded program that provides partial reimbursement for the meals and snacks served to children in your care. It plays a vital role in improving the quality of your daycare and helps keep the costs down for many low and middle income families.

Is there a lot of paperwork involved and is it time consuming to be on a CACFP program?

  • All providers must maintain current enrollment forms, daily attendance, meal counts and a posted menu. These records are submitted to us monthly via Minute Menu Systems, making it easier and less time consuming.

Can I make up my own menus?

  • Yes! As long as you are following the CACFP guidelines and serve the required components you can make your own menus.

How much reimbursement will I receive?

  • This is based on the schools you are zoned for, geographical data, your household income or the household income of the children in your care.
  • You can get reimbursed for up to two meals and a snack or two snacks and a meal.
  • Reimbursement is monthly.