Why should I participate in Food For Kids?

  • Food For Kids is a sponsor of the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) which is a federally funded program that provides partial reimbursement for the meals and snacks served to children in your care. It plays a vital role in improving the quality of your daycare and helps keep the costs down for many low and middle income families.

Is there a lot of paperwork involved and is it time consuming to be on a CACFP program?

  • All providers must maintain current enrollment forms, daily attendance, meal counts and a posted menu. These records are submitted to us monthly via Minute Menu Systems, making it easier and less time consuming.

Can I make up my own menus?

  • Yes! As long as you are following the CACFP guidelines and serve the required components you can make your own menus.

How much reimbursement will I receive?

  • This is based on the schools you are zoned for, geographical data, your household income or the household income of the children in your care.
  • You can get reimbursed for up to two meals and a snack or two snacks and a meal.
  • Reimbursement is monthly.