Food Buying Guide Mobile App


The Food Buying Guide (FBG) is the essential resource for food yield information for all child nutrition programs (CNP). The FBG assists CNP operators, food manufacturers, and other stakeholders with:

  • Purchasing the correct amounts of foods for child nutrition meal programs.
  • Determining the contribution that each food makes toward meal pattern requirements.
  • Search and locate yield information for foods typically served in child nutrition programs.
  • Compare yield information to determine the foods that best meet your program needs.
  • Create a favorites list of food items!
  • Email and print search results, food comparisons, and favorites list

The Food Buying Guide Mobile App also includes access to narrative content which provides:

  • Child nutrition program-specific information for meeting meal pattern requirements
  • Helpful information related to food purchasing and how to utilize food yield information in the FBG
  • Additional resources related to meal pattern requirements and menu planning for CNPs

The FBG Mobile App is currently available on the IOS and Android platforms.